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Marcus & Mack, Western and Central Pennsylvania Personal Injury Attorneys

Pennsylvania lawyers fighting for injured victims in Johnstown, Altoona, State College and throughout the state

Serious accidents demand strong legal action. If you or a loved one has been injured or you lost a loved one due to someone else's reckless behavior, don't wait for insurance companies to dictate what happens to you. Take control. Contact a personal injury law firm people trust throughout Western and Central Pennsylvania to get the job done right. Call Marcus & Mack now.

Established in 1977, our law firm has a well-earned reputation throughout the area for successfully resolving complicated legal cases. We routinely obtain sizable settlements and verdicts for injury victims and have helped thousands of Pennsylvanians obtain financial compensation for their losses. We're proud of our testimonials from satisfied clients, and we're eager to work with you. Our firm's longstanding commitment to our clients is reflected by the work we do in and outside the office. Marcus & Mack founder Robert S. Marcus and partner Jonathan B Mack are community-involved, concerned citizens with a vested interest in the future of our state.

After all, helping injured people is what we do. In fact, it's all we do.

Marcus & Mack: Award-winning, respected attorneys

Our goal is to help clients recover from their injuries - and we have received recognition from our peers as a result of the hard work we do for people in Pennsylvania. Two of Marcus and Mack’s attorneys have earned the distinction of being two of just a very select few attorneys in this county to be members of the Nation’s Top One Percent by the National Association of Distinguished Counsel. NADC's mission is to recognize the attorneys who elevate the standards of the Bar and provide a benchmark for other lawyers to emulate.

Our firm also includes lawyers who were named to the Pennsylvania Super Lawyers list and who have received various awards from community organizations. Discover more about our attorneys, and then contact us as soon as possible. A delay may affect your rights! Call (800) 488-0338 for a free consultation. We want to learn more about your case and help you decide the best course of action. Every accident is different - and we understand no two clients are the same. That's why we don't take a one-size-fits-all approach. We tailor every single solution we develop to fit each client's individual legal needs.

What types of cases does Marcus & Mack handle?

Different types of accidents present different types of challenges. Some law firms avoid taking on tough cases. We thrive on them. Some of the most common cases we handle involve:

  • Auto accidents - Whether your accident was on US 219 in Johnstown or US 22 in Altoona, you will need a highly skilled legal professional if you were injured in a car wreck. Regardless of where in Pennsylvania your accident happened, we're here for you.
  • Truck accidents - Truck accidents happen frequently on the Pennsylvania Turnpike but also can occur on U.S. Route 220 outside of State College or other roads in Western and Central Pennsylvania.
  • Personal injury - A personal injury claim may arise after a car accident, but slip and fall accidents, dog bites or other accidents related to negligence can lead to a lawsuit in places throughout Pennsylvania, including Pittsburgh, Indiana, DuBois, Kittanning, Ebensburg and surrounding areas.

Whatever type of accident you're dealing with, don't try to navigate through Pennsylvania's complicated legal system on your own. Put our experienced, aggressive attorneys to work for you. We will vigorously fight for the compensation you rightfully deserve. An accident can lead to losses that can be difficult to recover on your own. Our attorneys will review and interpret your case to determine the value. You may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, loss of past and future income, future medical bills, pain and suffering and other damages. While we are skilled negotiators, we are prepared to go to trial to fight for justice for our clients.

Other kinds of injury cases the Law Offices of Marcus & Mack can help with

Along with car accidents and other common personal injury cases, our attorneys also have years of experience successfully resolving accident claims involving other types of complex cases. These cases include:

  • Medical malpractice - Doctors, surgeons, nurses and other medical professionals sometimes make mistakes. When their errors rise to the level of incompetence or the health care providers' treatment falls below the accepted standard of care in the medical community, these healthcare providers may cause injury or death. The consequences of medical negligence can be catastrophic for patients and their families. Our Pennsylvania medical malpractice attorneys can work with you and your family and make sure you receive the treatment and attention you deserve.
  • Product liability - Companies have an obligation to manufacture and sell safe products. If they produce or sell a faulty product that causes an injury or death, they need to be held accountable. Lawyers at our law firm can work with you and negotiate directly on your behalf with large corporations, insurance companies and the attorneys representing them.
  • Dangerous drugs - Pharmaceutical companies sometimes rush products through testing without ensuring their drugs are truly safe. Other times, these companies deliberately deceive consumers into using their drugs for unapproved and untested purposes. Whatever the reason, such actions often result in dangerous drugs that cause serious health problems to patients who are exposed. Large drug companies don't intimidate us. Our law firm can work with you and fight for the compensation you deserve.

Do I really need a lawyer if I'm injured in an accident?

You might be tempted to wait to contact an attorney after an accident. Maybe you are hoping your legal problem will resolve itself. Maybe you're waiting for the person or company that caused the accident to take full responsibility. Perhaps you're expecting the insurance company to make a generous financial offer to resolve the claim.

Unfortunately, personal injury claims can become complicated quickly. The longer you wait to talk to an attorney, the more difficult your case will be to prove. With time, evidence may disappear. Witnesses may forget details. Your legal options will start to vanish.

That's why you need to act quickly. Speak with an experienced attorney today. We don't work for insurance companies or anyone else. We work solely for you. We will help you manage your paperwork to make sure you have a strong case. Your best interests come first at Marcus & Mack.

"You are very helpful and explained things in terms I could understand. I am very pleased with your firm and would use it again if the need arises."
- Linda of Blairsville, PA

Experience. Reputation. Results.

What are my rights if I'm injured in an accident in Pennsylvania?

If you were injured through no fault of your own, you have rights as an accident victim under state and federal law. In general, most injury victims should not have to pay for their medical expenses if they were hurt in an accident caused by someone else. In addition to recovering compensation for medical bills, you may be entitled to other damages to make you "whole" after the accident.

But the law can be confusing, especially if this is the first time you have been involved in an accident. That's why it's critical that you have a lawyer working for you from the start who thoroughly understands the laws in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

We can explain your rights and what we can do to make sure your rights are protected. Your case is about more than just money. It's about justice - and about holding corporations and wrongdoers responsible for their actions.

Why should I hire a Pennsylvania personal injury lawyer at Marcus & Mack?

Experience matters. There's no substitute for handling hundreds of legal cases involving a wide range of accidents and legal matters. We know how to carefully investigate accidents and uncover the evidence needed to build winning legal cases.

If you are represented by Marcus & Mack, we will take the same rigorous approach with your case. Whether it's analyzing medical records, police reports or visiting the actual scene of the accident, we do whatever it takes to uncover the truth.

Put your trust in the law firm that puts your needs first. Contact Marcus & Mack and give your case the attention it rightfully deserves. Best of all, you pay no fee unless you collect on your case. We work this way because we believe people should only pay for a service that benefits them.

Marcus & Mack - expect more! Proudly serving injury victims in Johnstown, Altoona, State College, Indiana, DuBois, Latrobe, Kittanning, Ebensburg, Greensburg, Somerset, Pittsburgh and communities throughout Western and Central Pennsylvania.

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