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Injured in a Truck Accident in Pennsylvania?

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Crashes involving large trucks are among the most catastrophic accidents in Pennsylvania. It could involve a tractor trailer rollover on Johnstown Expressway, or a jackknife crash on Interstate 99 in Altoona. The damage to other vehicles, and the injuries sustained can be devastating to the residents and families throughout Western and Central Pennsylvania.

Trucking companies are obliged to ensure that their drivers are experienced and their vehicles are operating functionally. But sometimes truck drivers can fail to operate a large commercial vehicle responsibly - resulting in a rear-end accident on Route 219 in Johnstown. Trucking companies may even fail to make sure their vehicles are safe to drive - resulting in a tire blowout on Route 322 near State College. This creates a major liability to other motorists on Pennsylvania roadways.

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Trucking companies - and their drivers - must be held accountable if their negligence causes a truck accident in Pennsylvania. With over thirty years of experience handling truck accident cases, Marcus & Mack will aggressively go after the trucking companies and their insurance companies. If you're injured in a truck accident, don't let the insurance companies evade compensating your losses.

Understanding the complications of a truck accident

Unlike ordinary drivers, trucking companies also have multiple attorneys, adjustors and other claims professionals at their disposal. Following a crash, they will often launch a prompt investigation within hours of the accident - using their own team of investigators. And their investigation is hardly fair or independent. Their goal is to minimize their own liability and hold you at fault for the crash.

Additionally, a truck accident on a highly traveled interstate could result in a multi-vehicle accident. That means a number of insurance companies and claims could be involved. If you have been injured in a truck accident, our experienced legal team at Marcus & Mack will investigate and gather the facts. We'll stop at nothing to hold trucking companies accountable for your losses.

Dealing with insurance companies after a truck accident

Trucking companies don't operate the same way as passenger automobile owners. The stakes are much higher. Trucking companies are more likely to purchase expensive insurance with high premiums. Since the damage caused in truck accidents tends to be severe, the resulting claims can be very expensive for insurance companies. With so much at stake, insurance companies will stop at nothing to reduce their costs- even at the expense of a crash victim's suffering.

If you were injured in a truck accident, the insurance company will do anything to avoid paying you full value. They may offer you a quick settlement. But don't be fooled by their tactics. Never settle for anything less. Our highly skilled legal team at Marcus & Mack has extensive knowledge and experience handling truck accidents. When it comes to your full recovery, we'll negotiate with the trucking companies, insurance companies and anyone else involved to maximize your compensation, and if they won't pay, we'll take them to court.

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