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Pennsylvania Truck Accident Lawyers

Serious truck accidents demand strong legal action. Marcus & Mack delivers justice!

Truck accidents in Pennsylvania can be catastrophic. Whether you're dealing with a tractor-trailer accident on I-99 near Altoona or a crash involving a tanker truck, 18-wheeler or another kind of large truck on Route 219 near Johnstown or Route 80 near State College, you need an experienced Pennsylvania truck accident attorney on your side, standing up for your rights.

Our knowledgeable lawyers at Marcus & Mack are committed to helping Pennsylvanians injured in truck accidents. In particular, we have extensive experience working with truck accident injury victims Indiana, DuBois, Kittanning and Ebensburg as well as the following Pennsylvania towns:

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Wherever your accident occurred, whatever the cause, you should not have to suffer because of someone else's reckless behavior. That's why it's critical that you contact our law firm as soon as possible. We want to work with you and make sure your truck accident receives the attention it rightfully deserves. After all, helping injured people is what we do. In fact, it's all we do.

What types of truck accidents does Marcus & Mack handle?

The number of truck crashes has been creeping up over the past several years. Most truck accidents are linked to problems with tires, wheels and brakes as well as unsecured or overloaded trailers. We handle many different types of truck accidents throughout Pennsylvania. Some of the most common truck accidents we have worked on include:

  • Rear-end - One of the most common types of motor vehicle accidents, rear-end crashes involving trucks can often be severe. That's because large trucks crashing into the back end of other vehicles often result in catastrophic injuries or chain-reaction accidents.
  • Head-on - These kinds of accidents often result in serious injuries or fatalities. Head-on truck accidents happen for many reasons. In many cases, truck drivers may be overly fatigued. They may be distracted or traveling too fast.
  • Rollover - Tractor-trailers and other large trucks sometimes roll over, especially when 18-wheelers overturn on busy roads and highways in Pennsylvania. Often, these accidents happen because drivers turn too quickly.
  • Jackknife - The trailer part of a tractor-trailer truck sometimes swings around during an accident. As a result, the trailer folds back toward the truck cab and forms a sharp angle (less than 90 degrees). Vehicles trapped in the jackknife part of such accidents often sustain serious damage.
  • Tire blowout - When tires blow out on large trucks, the consequences can be devastating. Large trucks and tractor-trailers that experience tire blowouts often become impossible to drive, resulting in large trucks veering out of control into cars.

Other important issues involved with auto accidents?

Truck accident cases can be challenging. There may be multiple layers of liability. Trucking companies often hire a team of investigators to reduce the company's exposure. An injured victim often will need to be aware of complicated federal regulations governing trucking safety to bolster a claim. You can find more information about the following subjects by clicking on the links below:

Why should I hire Marcus & Mack if I'm involved in a truck accident?

Truck accident investigations generally are more challenging than cases involving two passenger vehicles. The truck driver may not be the only party named in a lawsuit. The driver's employer also may be liable. Our attorneys also typically examine the role other parties may have played in the crash, including the person or company that leased the truck or trailer from the owner, the manufacturer of the tires, brakes or other parts that might have been a factor in the accident and the shipper or loader of the cargo. When multiple parties are potentially at fault, a truck accident attorney may have to confront many insurance companies. There may be a lot of finger-pointing. And in each case, there will likely be a lawyer or several attorneys working for each company.

Don't try to tackle your truck accident case on your own. Get the help and support you need from our aggressive legal team at Marcus & Mack. We know how to investigate such complicated accidents and negotiate with trucking companies, insurance companies and anyone else involved in your accident.

We take truck accidents seriously. That's because we understand how high the stakes are for such accidents. Your financial future could be on the line. But your case is about more than just money. It's about holding companies accountable for their actions. Contact us and schedule a free consultation today. Call (800) 488-0338.

Johnstown truck accident attorney

Truck accidents in Johnstown can be complicated. Whether you're dealing with a tractor-trailer accident on Elton Road or a commercial truck accident on Haynes Street, we can work with you and help protect your rights.

Schedule an appointment* at our office near the University of Pittsburgh Johnstown. We're located at 334 Budfield Street, Suite 132.  We can also meet with you at your home if you physically cannot get to our law office.

Hard-working people in the Cambria Iron Works (later owned by Bethlehem Steel) made Johnstown famous for its tireless work ethic. Even today, the men and women of Johnstown continue to work hard and make this city a great place to live and work. Our Johnstown truck accident attorneys take the same approach with every case we handle. We work tirelessly because we believe injury victims deserve to be treated fairly and with respect.

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Altoona truck accident law firm

Tractor-trailer accidents on I-99 in Altoona might make the biggest headlines in the Altoona Mirror. But crashes involving large, commercial trucks can just as easily happen on 17th Street, Route 220 or Greenwood Road.

Truck drivers need to respect the rules of the road in Blair County. When they fail to do so and cause a serious accident, those drivers - and the trucking companies that employs them - need to be held accountable for their actions.

Our experienced Altoona truck accident lawyers can work with you and make sure your case receives our full attention. We have the knowledge and dedication you need to tackle the toughest truck accidents in Center City, Juniata, Greenwood and other neighborhoods here.

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State College truck crash lawyer

Delivery trucks, moving trucks, tractor-trailers and other large commercial trucks can cause accidents when you least expect them on Hickory Hill Drive, Washington Place and other busy streets in State College.

If you've been injured in a truck accident in State College, contact our law firm as soon as possible. We regularly work with State College truck accident victims from here as well as with PSU students from other states.

You need someone on your side who understands the laws and knows how to build a strong legal case in Centre County. You need Marcus & Mack. We have the drive to succeed and will do everything we can to help you get the compensation you deserve.

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