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Federal Judge Allows Roundup Cancer Lawsuits Against Monsanto

Attorney says decision affects hundreds of lawsuits involving weed killer JULY 11, 2018 – A federal judge recently ruled that hundreds of lawsuits involving claims that Monsanto’s popular weed killer Roundup causes cancer can proceed through the court system, a victory for consumers seeking to hold the corporation responsible for serious health problems caused by...

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Rural Road Safety During The Summer

Road safety is often discussed in the context of city driving, where there is a higher density of drivers and pedestrians. Rural road safety should not be overlooked, however, especially because drivers often share the road with farm equipment. It’s tempting to drive faster than the speed limit when there are few cars on the...

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New Pennsylvania House Bill Cracks Down on Distracted Driving

You see them every day on Pennsylvania roadways: drivers chatting on their handheld cellphones. Every single one of them is an accident waiting to happen, and too many of them are potential tragedies. In response to a recent study conducted by AAA, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives is considering steps to make the dangerous practice...

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Making Roads Safer For Older Drivers

A recent study published by TRIP found that accidents among older drivers have been steadily increasing over the years. One reason for this increase in accidents is that the number of drivers on the road who are 65 years and older jumped by about 16 percent from 2012 to 2016. However, in that time, accident...

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Sharpening Your Driving Skills Can Prevent Traffic Accidents

Many drivers in Pennsylvania have been driving long enough to be become comfortable with the road. But when driving becomes repetitive, motorists tend to take their mind off the task. That’s why Pennsylvania motorists should take the time to assess their driving skills every so often. Correcting careless mistakes and sharpening your driving skills can...

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Study Finds Most People Are Guilty of Distracted Driving

You're not reading this blog while driving in Pennsylvania, are you? Of course not! That would be distracted driving! You're a careful driver, obeying all the rules of the road, right? If that's the case, you are in the minority. Most drivers admit to it According to a new study by Esurance, 58 percent of...

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PennDOT Calls For Drivers to Report Potholes

As we move out of yet another winter and into the spring, our roads are becoming riddled with potholes once again. A pothole is created when water gets down into the cracks in the pavement. In the wintertime, when that water repeatedly freezes and thaws, it breaks down the asphalt beneath the surface. After time,...

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Preventing Underride Truck Accidents

An accident between a tractor-trailer and passenger vehicle is one of the worst imaginable for anyone in the smaller vehicle. Your 3,000- to 4,000-pound car is no match for a fully loaded 80,000-pound truck on a Pennsylvania roadway. The nightmare becomes even worse if the passenger vehicle slides underneath the truck, further exposing occupants to...

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Tire Safety Is a Major Concern in Pennsylvania

When discussing safety on the road, we talk a lot about decisions the driver makes while the vehicle is moving. There are a wide number of factors that drivers have control over, such as speed, seat belt usage, and their own sobriety. Equally important, however, are some actions owners need to make while not actively...

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What To Do If You Hit Black Ice on Pennsylvania Roads

Black ice is bad news for motorists, especially during the long winter months in Pennsylvania. It can be difficult to anticipate. By the time you hit a treacherous patch of black ice, it may be too late. But, as noted in a recent article in The New York Times, a little knowledge can help you...

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