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Has the negligence of another motorist, work site supervisor, athletic coach or property owner involved you in a sudden, violent accident, resulting in damage to your head and traumatic brain injury?

Our Marcus & Mack law firm can help. We cannot heal you, but we can give you hope. Our compassionate attorneys listen closely to your account of the accident that caused your TBI. We gather eyewitness accounts and solid evidence. We consult with accident reconstruction experts and health care professionals. Everything we do, we do with one objective — to get justice for you, in the form of full financial compensation for this rude interruption of your life.

Traumatic brain injury is nothing to trifle with. You should seek a doctor's care right away, then consult with our Marcus & Mack lawyers, who can determine a legal course of action. We identify parties responsible for an accident, research exhaustively, investigate carefully and litigate forcefully, if we have to, to win the compensation you deserve.

Contact Marcus & Mack and find out why so many satisfied clients have recommended us over the past 30-plus years of service to Pennsylvania. Call our 24-hour personal injury hotline right now — and speak to someone who cares: 866-527-2161.

We deliver our quality legal services on a contingency fee basis. You owe no attorney fee unless we win your case in pretrial negotiation or in court and collect settlement damages.

Marcus & Mack: Quality Representation for the Catastrophically Injured

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) and other closed head injuries can be caused by:

Ironically, the sudden physical damage to the brain that occurs in TBI can go undetected for some time. Effects can be subtle enough that doctors sometimes misdiagnose a patient's problem. Among the symptoms of TBI: memory loss, personality change, impaired perception, fragile concentration, impulsive behavior, hearing and balance disorders, fatigue and loss of smell or taste.

The serious accident that caused your traumatic brain injury should not go unpunished. Speak with one of our caring lawyers today so we can evaluate your case, free of charge.

Marcus & Mack, Attorneys at Law, is a statewide accident personal injury law firm dedicated to the protection of your rights. We welcome the opportunity to serve you, however we can.

Free Initial Consultations, 24/7 Availability, Home or Hospital Visits

Contact our Pittsburgh traumatic brain injury lawyers at the Marcus & Mack 24-hour injury hotline: 866-527-2161. We welcome your e-mail, fax and messages left after business hours.

If your medical condition warrants a home or hospital visit, we can provide it.


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